Sunday, February 17, 2013

hoping for things to align

One of the biggest components to infertility is timing.  Timing that isn't up to us, but the Lord, timing in regards to work, school, finances, emotional readiness, and physical readiness.  I really do believe that it takes all of these areas to click with one another to create the perfect timing for conception and the end result, a baby to enter one's life.  Timing is something I have been trying to understand and cope with over the past 20 months, and the ultimate timing is out of my control!

Understanding that principle I believe is what keeps you sane on this journey. 

In December Lance and I decided to forgo our 8th IUI and take a much needed break.  While we are still very much on a break from anything doctor wise I am back to the planning and plotting and timing in regards to the future.

We spent last night at our good friends house with them and their 3 month old twins who are products of successful in vitro.  Getting a glimpse into their lives and the happiness and joy they now have was contagious.  We discussed their journey in comparison to ours and it only got me more and more excited at the results in vitro can bring.  It was so relieving emotionally to vent and talk about this whole process to someone who understands and can give advise and perspective.

Being in our current situation there is no way financially we can afford to pay for in vitro in full and with building a new house financing the procedure is out of the question at least for now.  So I started investigating alternatives and found pound the pavement for parenthood which does a yearly 5k to help raise money for in vitro.  It got me thinking that sponsoring an event such as this would be a great way to not only raise money but to spread infertility awareness. Thoughts?

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