Saturday, November 3, 2012

Last and Final IUI

Going into this last and final IUI I have been excited as the possibility of it working and finally being finished, but at the same time scared of it not working and the reevaluation process that will have to take place.  Yesterday was the day.  The FINAL IUI.  Time number 6.

Lance went in at 2:00 to collect and I followed up at 3:30 for the insemination part.  After waiting 10 minutes in the waiting room my name was called and was ushered to exam room one where I got ready and on the table I sat.  After a few minutes a lady popped her head in to tell me they were still preparing the sample and it would be another 10 minutes.  The LONGEST ten minutes ever!  Finally she walked back in and instead of jumping into the procedure she sat down and went over the numbers.

She started the conversation with.."have you talked to your husband since he left?"  confused at why that mattered I said no not really and she preceded to tell me how the sample he had collected was less than optimal. 

Our 5th cycle the numbers were:

2 ml in volume            12 million sperm           low motility (which is normal for us)

Our 6th cycle numbers were:

0.7ml in volume           1.9 million sperm         low motility.

Because of this drastic change they weren't sure if he just delivered a bad sample or if those were his honest numbers.  Ideally they want any insemination they perform to to have more than 5 million sperm.  Since we were under 2 million she said it was less than optimal.  She would perform the procedure but not charge us for it. 

We would schedule an appointment to regroup with our doctor a few days after my blood test (which is 2 1/2 weeks from right now). 

She then went on to say... "while this isn't ideal, you STILL have over a million sperm, and you only need ONE."

I'm pretty sure she was trying to be optimistic about everything but to be honest it made things a little more frustrating.   We only need one... what a concept.  Out of all the months and months we've tried and the billions of sperm who have been exposed to my eggs, I've only needed one to work, and instead of ONE working, billions have failed.

Needless to say I left the clinic a little frustrated and discouraged about the entire situation.
I mentioned to Lance last night that it feels like since we've been doing things at the clinic our situation had only gotten more and more complex and difficult.  I told him I felt as if all of our IUI cycles at my OBGYN were just a breeze, take a pill for 5 days and come in to the office a week later.  Since having gone to the fertility clinic the first cycle I was bombarded with a yeast infection right around ovulation time and hormones that made me psychotic.  The second cycle I needed to take additional hormones, estrogen, to increase my lining, and ended up with the stomach flu the week of ovulation, and now a "less than ideal" sample.  Maybe we have facing greater opposition because we are getting closer to having a baby?  Maybe this is my body telling me we need to take some R&R and forgo all these treatments.  I'm not sure, but we will find out on the 16th what our next path with consist of.  1) Baby.  2) no baby and some R&R,   3) No baby, pressing though with In Vitro. 

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