Friday, November 2, 2012

instacare = instabetter

A few hours after I got home from my appointment and had taken my estrogen I began to feel extremely nauseated.  I figured it was not a big deal, so I continued along and made dinner for Lance and I.  As I was finishing up cooking I became unbearably nauseous and chose to lay and watch TV in my bed instead of eat.  I tried chicken noodle soup, cup of noodles, toast, ect. nothing tasted good or relieved the churning feeling in my belly.  Soon after that I began my journey and friendship with my toilet, a very very close friendship for the remainder of the night and all into the following morning. 

I am not one to throw up on que.  I typically and just extremely nauseous and then have to gag myself to expel the grossness, but this time was definitely different.  I would sleep in bed for an hour and then jump up, run to the bathroom, and immediately expel my insides. Phenergan made me sleepy enough, but didn't cure the constant puking. 

Tuesday I spent the day in bed trying to rest my belly, but the acids were still churning away making me feel awful.  I tried some more soup, toast, a pear... after a bite I would hand it to my dear sweet husband who took the time to prepare it and say "sorry... can you eat it?"  It wasn't until about 5pm on Tuesday that I was able to eat.  1 ego waffle.  nutritious.. I know ;)

Feeling a little better, but still nauseous I made my way to my clinical rotation Wednesday.  I was hungry for the entire day, but couldn't get myself to eat a thing.  At lunch I bargained with the cafeteria to make me some rice, but was only able to eat a couple bites before I was "full".  I even went a little crazy and attempted a couple spoon fulls of taco soup! 
It wasn't until Wednesday night when my cravings got the best of me and Lance got me a happy meal from McDonalds as we drove to our friend's house for a Halloween gathering.  While I was there my stomach was so upset I couldn't sit up, I had to lay flat... weird I know.

3:30 am Thursday morning came too soon.  It was my scheduled time for my HCG injection.  I was still SOOOO nauseous and out of it that I gave MYSELF the shot, and then puked up that not so happy meal. 

Thursday I woke up at 9 am still feeling awful and unsure if I had the typical flu (since no one else around me was sick) or if I had food poisoning or if it was the estrogen that was making me sick.  I made my way down to the Holladay Instacare where the doctor also could NOT figure out what was wrong with me. 

They decided I needed some fluids so we hooked up an IV and in 2 liters of fluids went!  In addition I was given some IV Zofran for the nausea... I am now a true BELIEVER in IV Zofran!!! It was a miracle worker.  Slightly knocked me into la-la-land state, but it made the nausea go away!  I was also given some mylanta.  The doctor thought since I had been puking so much my stomach was on the super acidic side and mylanta would numb everything up and neutralize the acids, which it did wonders. 

I spent a good 3 hours at instacare, but it was well worth it.  I was even able to eat some chicken noodle soup for lunch and dinner without any issues!

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