Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Everyone tells me that Clomid is the "deadly drug" when it comes to relationships.  When women are on Clomid their hormones are completely out of wack and they are almost impossible to be around (okay, maybe thats an over-exaggeration, but I hear it's pretty bad).  I just spent my Thanksgiving weekend taking my little round pills of Clomid, and I didn't feel any more hormonal or crazy than usual.   We have our first ultrasound on Friday and will probably perform the insemination over the weekend or on Monday.


  1. Christine,
    I know we haven't talked since King Henry days, but I just wanted you to know that you guys are in our prayers. I am so glad that Clomid hasn't been too bad for you! I just finished my third month on it and feel as though I am one of those "impossible to be around" kind of woman ha ha. Thanks for sharing your story. Every time I read your posts I feel as though you have taken the words right out of my mouth. Praying everything works out for the next insemination!
    Kelsie Warcup

    1. aw I'm sorry you are on the clomid regimen as well! Maybe I'm just used to it by now since I've been on fertility meds for the last year, but it gets better. The one thing that gets me is the progesterone. I'm super crazy because it makes me tired and I don't get enough sleep. Good luck with your journey!!