Monday, December 3, 2012

7th time a charm?

One thing that Lance and I found comical the the last time we were at the fertility clinic was the disappointment to having only 1,900,000 sperm "but only need one." I mean think about it. 1.9 million is a freaking ton when you only need ONE, but for whatever reason we never got pregnant. Because the fertility center wants the sperm sample to be >5 million we had to do another IUI. This time, however, we were instructed to double the sample. So lance gave a sample last night before bed and then again this afternoon and after waiting 40 minutes in the office I was finally greeted with our number. Drum roll please... 37,900,000 yes. I said it. 37.9 MILLION swimmers who all looked good. Holy cow that's a lot of swimmers when "all you need is one."

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