Monday, October 29, 2012

Follicle Stimulating Ultrasound

Today I went in for my follicle stimulating ultrasound.  Things lately have been a little hectic (to say the least).  Last Monday I went in for my baseline US and everything looked good.  We decided to increase my Femara (fertility medication similar to clomid) to 7.5 mg (which is triple from my original dosage).  Since last cycle we increased it to 5.0mg and I still only had one mature egg we decided to up it one more time to see if we could get a couple of mature follicles. 
Last time I had ultrasounds on cycle days 11 and 13 with the insemination on day 16.  Today was cycle day 12 and I was a little nervous because I didn't want to have to come in AGAIN for a second ultrasound and another $200. 
Last Friday I called the fertility clinic and had them switch my appointment from 9:30 this morning to 3:30 in the afternoon due to my work schedule.  I was a little bummed at the idea of having to drive all the way down to pleasant grove again after work, but figured there wasn't another option. 
This morning at 5 am I received a call from work letting me know I was going to be cancelled for the day (which NEVER happens).  So relieved I put my head back on the pillow and slept in until 8:30!  Once I was conscious enough to use my phone I called the clinic back and had my appointment switched back to 9:30 at their Murray site. 

Once I arrived at the clinic I barely had enough time to flip open the Better Homes and Gardens magazine before my name was called and I was brought back to the exam room.  After a quick and routine undressing from the waist down I sat impatiently waiting for the nurse practitioner.  Once she entered we immediately began to discuss how the increased dose of Femara had worked.  I told her my cycle had only lasted for 3 days and then for some bizarre reason I spotted for 7 days after that.  The nurse practitioner was a little concerned with the unusual spotting and as she began the ultrasound the uterine lining became her number one concern.  Laying there helpless and watching her squinting eyes examine the screen had my heart racing.  Finally after what seemed like eternity she said my lining was looking normal, but a little on the thinner side.  She was to prescribe me estrogen to help build the lining. 

Next she navigated over to the right ovary and was instantly greeted by a 20mm egg. Keeping my fingers crossed she traveled over to the left ovary where it took a little more investigating before she could find the follicles. A 12mm, 13mm, and 14mm sat on my left ovary.  None mature enough to release, but maybe in the next couple of days they will grow up.  At this point I am a little sad at the fact that we aren't having another US to see if those follicles mature, but I guess there is security in knowing we have at least one mature follicle.

After the ultrasound I met the nurse and nurse practitioner outside the exam room and the NP handed me a prescription slip for the estrogen.  During her explanation she stated that they were tablets, just like a normal pill, but that she wanted me to insert them vaginally and apologized for how weird it was.  I of course reassured her that at this point NOTHING was too weird and I would do as she prescribed.  She was a little concerned, however, that I would ovulated before Friday with such a large follicle already. So I was also instructed to do my lovely ovulation kit pee sticks daily.

The rest of the week has been planned.  I have to take estrogen vaginally twice a day for the next 3 days.  Thursday at 3:30 in the morning I have to get my HCG shot and Friday at 3:30pm will be our insemination.

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