Friday, October 5, 2012


One of the things I think that has really hit Lance and I in the past few months is just how expensive this entire process was.  We knew as we pondered the idea of going to a fertility specialist that there was a very good possibility that we would have to do in vitro which would be about $12,000.  Just thinking of that large lump sum had us in panic mode, so we decided to continue with the less expensive option, but just this past week I realized less expensive is all relative.

I went to Target a few days ago to order more contact lenses.  The lady used my insurance and since I have eyemed which pays for a large portion I ended up with a $15.00 bill for a 6 month supply of contacts.  I felt like I was being thrifty and 15 bucks was chump change.  I pulled out my Health Savings Account debt card (which the funds are deducted from my paycheck bimonthly) and figured I had plenty to spare.  A few moments later the lady came back telling me the card had been zeroed out and I still owed $1.53.  WHAT?!?! I had put hundreds upon hundreds of dollars into that account. How can it be completely empty?!  So I grudgingly paid the other $1.53 with my normal debt card.

Lets start from the beginning:
1 round of Femara         $6
HCG blood test             $20
Progesterone blood test $20
9 rounds of Femara      $36
Lance's Semen Analysis $188
Pregnancy Tests           $50.00
Ovulation Kits               $120.00
Nausea Medication       $67.81
IUI x4 (at OB office)   $ 1120  ($280 a piece)
Initial Consult             $391.64
Xray HSG Test            $138.00
Labs                           $1200.00
Round #5:
Fertility Rx (HCG and Progesterone) $124.78
3 Ultrasounds                $576.00
IUI @ Fertility Center    $350.00

Grand Total:  $4408.23

It amazes me how each payment wasn't super large so I didn't think we had spent much money, but when I calculate it out I am in complete amazement at how much we have spent on trying to get pregnant alone (not to mention the occasional visit to InstaCare).  The next question I'm sure you are all wondering is why isn't insurance paying for any of this?
Well lucky us for having a $1500 per person deductible (which we still haven't hit) because Utah health insurance does not pay to get anyone pregnant or cover infertility so a good portion of these costs weren't even billed to insurance.  I just got a bill directly from the office. 

So a few weeks ago Lance's dad was asking how things were going and jokingly I said "well how bad do you want a grandkid? we are currently accepting donations!"  In all seriousness we are doing okay paying for all of these unexpected and extra expenses, but the thought of having to spend another grand or so doing another IUI, or even 12,000 for in vitro is extremely overwhelming.

*Family: we love you all, but don't expect expensive christmas gifts this year ;)

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