Monday, October 1, 2012

Work and Fertility

After nearly two weeks of waiting for my ovulation days to come I was finally scheduled to come into the office last Friday, my cycle day 11.  I had spent the last week playing phone tag with a nurse at the fertility clinic in regards to the uncomfortable itching I was feeling down below.  Apparently it is common to get yeast infection when hormones are drastically changed.  Lucky me. 
I was scheduled to work a 12 hour shift on Friday, but thanks to my kind co-worker Heather, I was able to go to my appointment and then come into work after, while she came in 4 hours early to cover for me. 

Lance and I went to the clinic and by this time I had become a professional vaginal ultrasound guru.  Pee prior to the procedure. check.  remove clothes from the waist down. check.  lithotomy position. check.   As soon as the nurse practitioner came in I drilled her with my numerous questions about the complications this yeast infection would cause in regards to antibiotics and intercourse and side effects.  After that was all settled we proceeded with the ultrasound which showed a nice thin lining of 2mm and two follicles (eggs) 12 mm big, one in each ovary.  Apparently 12mm isn't big or mature enough so we had to schedule another ultrasound for Monday (which I just so happened was also scheduled to work.  Just as we left our 5 minute long appointment we were notified that our ultrasound bill would be $192 bucks.. Yes. $192 dollars for 5 minutes with the nurse practitioner.

Sunday night I called my charge nurse and told her the same scenario was happening and that I would need to be delayed or cancelled so I could make it to my ultrasound appointment.  She couldn't guarantee anything and instead called me at 4:30 am to let me know that I would NOT be cancelled and that I would either have to call in sick or come in to work.  Not wanting to take a sick day I woke up at 5:30 and left my house for work only to become extremely frustrated when I saw that we only had 9 patients total in the entire unit (and one CNA can handle 9 patients...10 is when another CNA is necessary).  Happy with only a 5 patient workload I finished all of my work in a fraction of the time it would have typically taken me and was even able to finish some homework while I waited for a call light to go off.  at 8:20 I decided to call and reschedule my ultrasound for the following day (which was not ideal, but a necessity).  Right after rescheduling my appt I walked up to the front of our unit and began talking to my co-workers about what was happening.  After finishing my story they all said... well go to your appointment now, we can handle things here.  Ahhh a slight sign of relief I hurried and called the clinic back to undo my cancellation.   Rushing out the door and to the office that was 20 minutes away I called Lance and we met up in Murray.

Walking into the office I was full of apologies to staff for my confusing coming..not coming... coming chaos.  It felt like deva vu as I peed, stripped, and lithotomy positioned it.  This time, however, my lining was grown to a healthy 6mm from the previous 2mm, and my right follicle was 19mm (>18mm is a mature follicle).   Happy about the right follicle we anxiously searched for the left follicle to learn it was still 12mm.  Slightly bummed at only having one mature follicle and my dream of twins thrown out the window I gave a frown to Lance who seemed content with the idea of only one follicle... haha!  Afterwards I hurried and got dressed and exited to meet with the nurse. 

We scheduled our IUI for Wednesday at 10:30am with Lance's collection for 9:00am although I am scheduled to be at clinicals on Wednesday... (of course)!  I was slightly surprised by how specific timing is with the fertility clinic.  I have to inject myself with HCG via tummy shot at exactly 10:30pm tonight to allow for exactly 36 hours of work before my insemination.  When we went to the OBGYN for IUI Lance would drop off the sample and within 10 minutes my IUI was performed.  I suspect the go into much more detail for the cleansing and preparation process of sperm. 

-keeping our fingers crossed!

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