Saturday, October 20, 2012


This past Wednesday was the final day of my two week wait (tww).  After the artificial insemination we had to wait 2 weeks to find out the results (pregnant or not pregnant).  I happened to have my clinicals at Riverton Hospital that day and was able to sneak away for a half an hour to go down stairs to register and get my blood drawn.  Then came the most difficult part.  WAITING. It was probably the longest hour I have ever experienced in my life full of anxiety, anticipation, fear, and nervousness.
I decided to not wait for the doctor to call me with the results and instead looked them up... 
 <5 not pregnant
5 or more pregnant 
 (normally it should be in the hundreds or even thousands depending on how far along you are)
my result:     2.
Yes. 2... which is less than 5 which means I'm not pregnant.  Extremely disappointed I tried to carry on the rest of my day.  A few hours later my doctors office called me and the conversation went as follows
"hello is this christine?"
"yes it is"
"hi this is (i forgot her name) a nurse from the Utah Fertility clinic.. How are you doing today?"
"uhh.. I'm okay"
"sooooo you know your results"
"haha.. yes I do."
"so you aren't pregnant. Your period should start in the next couple of days.  go ahead and call us when it starts and we will get you scheduled for your next cycle"

perfect. (i thought sarcastically)

The following day. 10 minutes before my midterm started my period decided to join the stress party.  
It was definitely a good thing my teacher had a bowl of Halloween candy on her desk... I was in desperate need to chocolate in the form of Milky Ways, M&Ms and Twix.. and yes I ate all of them.

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