Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day #2

As I mentioned earlier I was supposed to call my fertility doctor as soon as my period started.  As Lance and I began to look at our schedules we knew that if my cycle was just as it had been (with my fertility medication) I would start my period on day 28 or 29.  But since my doctor told me to give my body a rest this month we had NO CLUE what day my cycle was going to start (prior to fertility medication I was at 33-35 days). 
Selfish us, planned a trip to St. George with our friends and if my cycle was the normal 33-35 days I would be ovulating during the trip and thus would have to withhold from going. 

Tuesday, September 18th I had discussed this dilemma with Lance and so his morning prayer went something like this... please bless us with the opportunity to get pregnant and for everything to work out so we can go to St. George..
After the prayer I smirked and looked at Lance with a "did you really pray for a vacation look" and he responded with, "sometimes you have to be specific with what you want!" haha!
So Tuesday is my 9 hour straight day of school.  I packed my backpack with the usual supplies and grabbed my "period kit" just in case (filled with pads and tampons).  I wasn't expecting my period to start until Saturday at the earliest, but then again my body is all sorts of confused these days.

After lunch I had a gut feeling that my period might be on its way, and low and behold there it was!  Crazy how immediately that prayer was answered!

I quickly grabbed my phone and called the doctors office and anxiously waited 3 hours for them to call me back and set up my baseline ultrasound for the following day. 
Wednesday, September 19th I went in for my ultrasound where my ovaries looked like they were producing nice little follicles and my lining was thinned as it should be, and my body was ready to begin this journey for the fifth time.

Since this was my very first time going to the fertility center, the entire experience felt new to me.  My medication, Femara, was doubled in dosage to really stimulate those follicles to mature.  Next Friday I will go in for my next ultrasound to see if the follicles are mature enough to release.  Once they are big enough I will have to give myself an injection of HCG in my booty to stimulate them to release followed for 30 days of vaginal suppositories of Progesterone.
My previous IUI cycles just had me taking Femara, no ultrasounds, no HCG, no progesterone. With all of these aggressive adjustments I hope we see positive results.

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