Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just a Quickie

As my OB describes it, intrauterine insemination is "a new way to look at a quickie."  Today was my first day doing IUI.  It got a little hectic because you can't plan what day you'll need to go into the office until your stick gives you a smiley face.  With my pharmacology final this morning at 8am, I was a little nervous and stressed trying to figure out how to take my final, meet Lance before he left for work at 9:40 and didn't come home until 1pm and I would leave for work at 2.  Luckily it all worked out.  I finished my 120 question pharmacology final in one hour, drove home quickly, then rushed off (literally going 80-85 on the highway) towards Alta View Hospital.  My logic was "if i get pulled over I will whip this specimen cup out from my armpit and say 'if i don't make it to the doctors office in the next 20 minutes these swimmers will die and I will have missed my chance at conceiving a child, do you (officer) want that on your conscious?'"  Once at the doctors office I waited impatiently until I was called.  They took the specimen and spun it down "washing" the sperm of all the thick fluid (which is the reason we can't conceive normally) and then inserted them into a syringe attached to a catheter (or straw).  I went into the office. Bing bam boom. The insertion was complete in literally 30 seconds. Then I just had to lay there for 20 minutes giving the swimmers a head start against gravity for when I would stand up.  Definitely not the most romantic way to conceive a child, but at least now I can say I know the actual date of conception (that is of course if I get pregnant the first time.  It typically takes 6 times for a person to get pregnant.)

This whole experience reminds me of a talk that was given at ward as well as stake conference.  It was about taking the time to look at the brighter side of any situation.  We are the ones who determine if we choose to be happy or choose to be upset.  If we all have hope that things will work out, they will.  I know many people who could/have been in this situation and ask "why!," but I know the Lord has his own timing with everything and he will bless us/everyone tenfold if we are patient and have hope.

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