Thursday, September 20, 2012

Round Number 4

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So I saw this picture on instagram and can't get over how hilarous it is.  It's a pen for a fertility center with little blue sperm swimming toward a pink egg. haha.

So after a weekend of anniversary celebrations I woke up on Sunday the 22nd (our 2 year) and was greeted with a smiley face on my ovulation stick.  We planned to go into the office the following day, but on Monday when I texted my doctor saying I would be there at about noon I was surprised to see his response: "I'm out of town... call the office."  So I did as I was told and called the office only to be surprised again by them telling me the entire office was closed and even the Nurse Practioner (who was supposed to be there) was out of town.  Dr. Later himself had closed down the office... and forgot haha!
I texted him back and said, "Hey. You closed your office today!" his response was that I could
#1 go to the fertlity clinic down the street
#2 have my co-worker RN who also works at his office perform the procedure
#3 wait until the next day (which isn't ideal).
So I said what the heck lets just have Tas do it.  We set up the time and all Lance could say was "this is so awkward walking out with the sample and giving it to Tas because she is your friend" and my response was "really Lance? is it awkward?  is your friend injecting into your va-jay today?" (TMI...sorry).

So the procedure went just as planned. I even stood in their mini labratory gossiping as she washed the sample.  Oh the things other people would find absolutely disgusting, that we think is no big deal.

ATTENTION:   This picture might be TMI, but everytime I go into the office I think "why are their bears on the sturrups?" they are holding in my feet. hahaha!

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