Thursday, September 20, 2012

What to expect...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Last night Lance and I went to go see "what to expect when you're expecting."  While it wasn't the greatest of storyline, the actual moments each soon-to-be mother had was so realistic.  In hopes to not ruin the movie for you, each scenario that COULD happen is showcased in the movie with a different couple.  Some struggling to have children of their own and others surprised by the + on their pregnancy test.  There were numerous moments when I felt as if the movie was portraying exactly how I felt- sad, longing, confused, and hopeful. While there were other moments I prayed that my pregnancy or entrance into motherhood would exemplify- love, gratefulness, overwhelming joy, happiness, a glow.

After the movie and as I was getting ready for bed I stumbled upon a "wavy hair tutorial" on pintrest.  It was linked to a lovely blog and as I scanned the blog for more interesting post and tutorials I came upon this post.  A Latter-day Saint mother who has three children of her own, but suffered a miscarriage a month ago.  She expresses the story of what happened along with how she felt about the entire situation.  Many of the words expressed were exactly what I've been feeling while others are feelings I hope to never have to endure.  What am absolute amazing woman for handling such a difficult struggle with such hope and faith.  Her perspective of relating it to Jesus Christ and his suffering had me in tears as I read the entire story aloud to Lance. 

heres a link to her story:    Dear Emmie's Story

** I guess I should note to those that don't typically read our blog that no, we did not have a miscarriage. We've just had some fertility problems and are in the process of intrauterine inseminations.

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