Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update: Round II

Monday- June 4th
Last weekend I was having slight panic attacks because I was "scheduled" (according to Pink Pad) to ovulate over the holiday weekend. I didn't know if my doctor was going to be in town and if not I would have been outta luck, but LUCKILY the smiley face didn't come until Monday morning.  This meant Tuesday was our "golden day" to go into the doctor's office.    Round two of IUI was rather humorous.  Since the first time I was prepared at home with a specimen cup and lab bag it was easy for Lance to have a little more privacy than this last time.  (Hopefully he won't kill me for sharing).  We walked into the office and the receptionist immediately asked us for the sample. Since we didn't have it they handed Lance a lab bag and cup and said to bring it back.  Lance looked at me completely confused and said... "uhhh.... where am I supposed to go?!"  We walked out of the office and down the hall and found the men's room.  (Funniest part is its a multi stall.. not an individual..) Lance entered while I waited in a chair outside another office.  When Lance walked out of the bathroom I asked if anyone had come in while he was there and he said that a guy had walked in while he was washing his hands and Lance quickly grabbed the lab bag off the counter and hid it so the guy wouldn't think he was CRAZY. (Luckily that guy turned out to be my doctor.. so it wouldn't have been that weird).   We argued back and forth for 15 minutes about whether it was "awkward" for Lance to enter back into the office after obtaining his "sample."  The conversation ended with Lance needing to go to work and I stayed at the office for the next 40 minutes solo.  Round two went pretty much exactly the same as round one... One interesting fact, however, is today (June 3rd) while Lance was driving home from Sunday dinner at dads his dad called him wondering about how our "trying process" had been going.  We haven't talked much to our families about the intrauterine insemination or what they really entail, but Lance went on to tell him that this past Tuesday we had gone into the doctor's office. Elliott responded with saying what a coincidence it was that we went into the office on Tuesday, because on that same day he randomly thought of us and the situation we are in and had an overwhelming GOOD feeling.

Crazy huh! The same day we went in he had that impression... without even knowing what we were doing! Oh let's hope that's good luck!

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